RU Affected? How you can help

2 Sep

@ U

Best thing to do first is sign our online petition of you have not already done so. The petition currently is standing at 0ver 500 respondents.

@ Rutgers

Email Jack Molenaar ( , try to set up an appointment to meet with him to voice your concerns. P.S. we have done this already and I advise you to go in a group if you can because Mr. Molenaar brings an assistant with him and they tag team their responses. Some of his responses have been insincere and down right rude, if you have email responses like this I suggest you cc his boss,; or the president,

A number of students are running a number of petitions. The official Petition from the GSA will be out soon and will be university wide. We need to gauge all the students who are affected by this. Talk to your heads of department about how you and others are affected in your department and find ways that you can also help.

Undergrad Students email RUSA, President , let him know how this decision is affecting you

Graduates Students email GSA President, let him know how this decision is affecting you

@ State Level

Email, call, and write you NJ state legislators. For Highland Park, Piscataway, and New Brunswick residents you can find your representatives at

Email, call, and write the NJ state Senators Frank R. Lautenberg, and Robert Menendez


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