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Petition and Survey Insights

15 Sep

As a way of being transparent we are releasing our petition results as until 9 AM 15 September 2010. There are 807 Responders.

Rutgers Affiliation

Rutgers Affiliation

A majority of responders are graduate students followed by undergraduate students.

Survery Insights 1

Survery Insights 1

Survery Insights 2

Survery Insights 2

Survery Insights 3

Survery Insights 3

Survery Insights 4

Survery Insights 4

Again thank you to everyone who has been involved and participated.


RU Affected? How you can help

2 Sep

@ U

Best thing to do first is sign our online petition of you have not already done so. The petition currently is standing at 0ver 500 respondents.

@ Rutgers

Email Jack Molenaar ( , try to set up an appointment to meet with him to voice your concerns. P.S. we have done this already and I advise you to go in a group if you can because Mr. Molenaar brings an assistant with him and they tag team their responses. Some of his responses have been insincere and down right rude, if you have email responses like this I suggest you cc his boss,; or the president,

A number of students are running a number of petitions. The official Petition from the GSA will be out soon and will be university wide. We need to gauge all the students who are affected by this. Talk to your heads of department about how you and others are affected in your department and find ways that you can also help.

Undergrad Students email RUSA, President , let him know how this decision is affecting you

Graduates Students email GSA President, let him know how this decision is affecting you

@ State Level

Email, call, and write you NJ state legislators. For Highland Park, Piscataway, and New Brunswick residents you can find your representatives at

Email, call, and write the NJ state Senators Frank R. Lautenberg, and Robert Menendez

Feedback from August 26 Student Meeting

27 Aug

The meeting with the GSA went fairly well. Overall it seemed that most people wanted to get the facts and numbers behind Mr. Molenaar’s argument before anyone felt willing to negotiate. There were lots of representatives for groups and asmaller sub committee was created. A petition went around at the meeting and at the L bus stop on Cedar Lane.
If you are not on the GSA emailing list they ask that you sign up. If you are an undergrad it’s very important that you let the Rutgers University Student Assembly know how this decision affects you. RUSA has not heard from their undergrads so they do not think this decision affects this segment of the population. I will sit as a member on the GSA committee, even though I am not a graduate student, but a nontraditional undergraduate. If you feel as though you are a student leader or represent a group affected by this decision then the GSA asks that you join us on this committee so we are all represented. Contact their president, Hadi Halim (, if you are interested in being on the committee.

Meeting at GSL (26 August 2010)

26 Aug

There is a meeting going on this Thursday about the L-bus. Please check out the information below:

After the recent announcement about the bus route changes in which the L bus will be discontinued, many graduate students have voiced concerns… to the Graduate Student Association about these changes. We are aware that many graduate students live in the Highland Park area and have relied on the L bus in the past.

The GSA therefore invites you to come and discuss your thoughts or concerns regarding the changes in the L bus route which were announced last week by the Rutgers Department of Transportation Services.

  • What: Discussion of changes in L bus route
  • When: This Thursday, August 26, beginning at 6pm, ending at 7pm
  • Where:Graduate Student Lounge (College Avenue, behind Au Bon Pain)
  • Who: All who are affected by the changes

Pizza and soft drinks will be served.

Hadi Halim

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